Sophie Burgoyne – a cozy mystery with a healthy dose of historical realism, danger, and light-hearted moments.

After World War 1, Britain went through many changes, with every aspect of society being affected. Sophie is a young, genteel woman of that era who faces those changes while starting her own business in London. Soon, she’s embroiled in difficult situations – upstairs and downstairs – as her domestic staff (secret agents) solve mysteries while hunting for spies and killers.

Setting: Various, but including houses similar to Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs, and larger homes of the Agatha Christie era. The technology is of the era. For example, there were no radios in homes in 1920 because the BBC had yet to be formed and make its first broadcast.

Characters: The regular cast are normal people from different stations in life with no special powers. Sophie is a young woman of her era, behaving as such and speaking in the way a woman of her class would have spoken back then. 

Story: Murder Mystery – Clues are sprinkled throughout the narrative and never withheld. The murderer will never ‘confess’, neither will the suspects crowd into a room at the end for the great revelation. Instead, the suspect or suspects must be pursued, trapped, and captured.

Often, other sub-plots bear upon the case, which means these are longer and richer stories than a simple murder mystery. And, importantly, there is no filler, no cliffhanger end, and no two-dimensional characters.  

This is a new series for 2022, with a summer release for the first two books – 1. Secret Agency.  2. Lady Holme.


Brent Umber – a kind-hearted detective investigating murders while looking for a place he can call home. 

Brent’s stories are cozy in nature and humorous without trying to be funny on every page. There is also a serious, reflective side to the cases, too. The investigation of each difficult, twisting case often gets Brent into difficult situations where he must extricate himself by his inventiveness alone.  

The Brent Umber series is open-ended. I can easily envision 12 books in the series – perhaps more.

Although each book may be read as a standalone, it is better to read the books in order, as over-arching Brent’s personal life themes continue from one story to the next.

Currently, the series is:

  • Book 1. Death Among the Vines
  • Book 2. Death in a Restaurant
  • Book 3. Death of a Detective
  • Book 4. Death at Hill Hall
  • Book 5. Death on the Slopes
  • Book 6. Death of a Narcissist
  • Book 7. To be announced




Village of the Sevenfold Curse


This is the first set of novellas in the free story cycles. Currently, it is outlined for seven stories that can be read in any order, but will be released to newsletter subscribers only in the correct order.

When the cycle of seven is complete, an entirely new cycle of stories will start and be issued exclusively to newsletter subscribers.

 The stories are novella length – mid-way between a short story and a novel – probably landing around twenty-five thousand words. Unless you are familiar with word counts in books, this probably doesn’t mean a great deal to you. Roughly speaking, each individual story is a quarter of a good-sized book.